Iceland offers a vibrant and fulfilling student life; with fantastic nature and stunning landscapes on your doorstep, to an active and exciting student life within the university and the local community.

Universities have students' unions which are there to promote and protect the interests of all students within the university. They often offer a range of services as well as putting on regular events and engaging with both the Icelandic and international student populations. Each subject or department at a university usually has a student society which offers all sorts of activities, from quizzes, study support and the Icelandic student tradition of the vísindaferð. Vísindaferð - or Science Trip - is when a group visits an organisation or place of interest, usually on a Friday afternoon. They are often given a tour, something exciting to do, as well refreshments and snacks which often moves downtown later in the evening. The places and organisations student societies can go are very varied from phone and tv companies, businesses, museums, local charities or  local government, football clubs and many more. These are often the staple of Icelandic student life.

Universities also host "International Days" which give the opportunity for international students to show off their own country, its traditions and cuisine, allow Icelanders to learn about new cultures, and to allow Icelanders and international students network and get to know each other better. Universities often have their own networks for international students and/or exchange students which put on events, orientation and the like.
In addition there are a range of facilities at Icelandic universities often comprising of gyms, cafés, bars and other student services.