Lara Pázmándi, Exchange student, Hungary 2015 - 16

“My time at Bifröst was among the most important experiences in my undergraduate education. I had never thought about coming to Iceland before but sometimes life directs you in the best possible way.”

— Lara Pázmándi, Exchange student, Hungary 2015 - 16

The University of Bifröst is a private education institution founded out of the co-operative movement in 1918 and achieving university status in 1988. It specialises in law, politics, business and management, as well as offering foundation level courses for those who don’t meet the full requirements for university study in Iceland.

Bifröst University prides it self in offering the best possible environment for student life on the campus where you will find necessary services such as a small convenience store, library, launderette, outdoor jacuzzi, a sauna and a gym, free of charge to students.

On campus, Bifröst University offer en-suite single rooms for our exchange students. That way you will have your privacy but at the same time share a living room and kitchen with other students and be able to socialise.

The environment is outstandingly beautiful with lava fields and mountains, with its everchanging colors through the year, embracing the campus. Near to Bifröst a great variety of interesting sights can be found with many trails for hiking and bicycling.

Bifröst University aims for personal development and social participation. A constant workload trains students in group and team work with innovative teaching methods. Bifröst offers undergraduate and graduate programs in three academic departments: Business Administration, Law, and Social Sciences.

In the fall of 2019, teaching starts in the new master’s programme, international political economy, which is entirely taught in English. The programme is international and can be practiced anywhere in the world. The program is only taught online and work-weekends and other group seminars can be attended online. The program is one of its kind in Iceland and is the first major step towards increased internationalization of the university.



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