The University of Iceland is the leading higher education institution in Iceland and the only that offers undergraduate and Master´s and PhD programs in all major academic disciplines. The University is modern, diverse, and rapidly developing in terms of research and innovation. It cultivates its role as a committed member of society and is regarded as one of the most trusted institutions in the country. The University has a strong reputation in the international scientific community and is well-known for its positive societal impact.

The University of Iceland is the country's oldest and largest university, located in the heart of Reykjavik. Approximately 14,000 students are currently enrolled at the University of Iceland, including over 2,000 international students. The University is made up of five schools and 26 faculties, and it offers over 400 different study programs. The University of Iceland collaborates with major stakeholders of society, promotes Icelandic culture and history, prioritizes sustainability and diversity, and places a strong emphasis on international collaboration in education and research.

The main language of instruction at the University of Iceland is Icelandic, but several study programs, particularly Master's degrees, are taught in English. 



University of Iceland
Sæmundargata 2
102 Reykjavík

Photos: © Kristinn Ingvarsson, University of Iceland