Jules Verne, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

“I could not help observing with interest the mineralogical curiosities which lay about me as in a vast museum, and I constructed for myself a complete geological account of Iceland, [a] most curious island.”

— Jules Verne, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth

There are seven universities in Iceland. Most of the higher education institutions are run by the state or private parties with state support. Currently there are approximately 18000 students enrolled in the higher education system, of which about 5% are international students.

International students either attend Icelandic higher education institutions as exchange students or as degree-seeking students. For exchange options, please consult the international office at your home university, where you can get information on partner universities.

The Icelandic academic year traditonally runs from September to May and is divided into two semesters; autumn and spring. Generally, the autumn semester is from the beginning of September until late December, and the spring semester from the start of January until the end of May, although some disciplines may vary.

Tuition fees at higher educational institutions differ between institution and the amount can depend on whether the institution is state or privately owned. Public universities do not have tuition fees although they do have an annual registration or administration fee which all students must pay. Please find further information about fees on each school's website.

If you are looking for studies in Iceland, the Europass website offers an extensive list of available studies in Iceland