The Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) plays a key role in developing societal issues related to agriculture, use of natural resources, planning, environment and climate, as well as issues concerning the society and economy as a whole, all with a focus on sustainable development.

Our unique university is located within a nature reserve. The campus is built around the little countryside village of Hvanneyri, offering student housing with great study facilities and leisure opportunities and only a one-hour drive from Reykjavík.

The university has a long history of vocational training in agriculture as well as various study programmes offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. We place great emphasis on research, especially in our three main fields: Agricultural Sciences, Environmental & Forest Sciences and Planning & Design (Landscape Architecture).

We also offer two international master’s programmes: Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes and Restoration Ecology. We have many active international collaborations which include Unigreen Alliance, NOVA, BOVA, and University of the Arctic Networks as well as Erasmus and Nordplus. Our university also hosts the GRÓ-LRT, Land Restoration Training Programme under the auspices of UNESCO. We welcome you at the AUI!  





Agricultural University of Iceland, AUI / (Landbúnaðarháskóli Íslands, LBHÍ)
311 Borgarnes
(+354) 433 5000